The house on the plot is not for sale.

I spent the night at the house on the plot, which is located on the land of the future. The house is partially built out of masonry, the walls are hollow and there is no loss of strength. The house has a total area of 55 m2, the building area on the plot is 42 m2. Matthew's house is 21 m2, ordinary. He has a dream house made of ceramic tiles, a large plot of mezzanines, a big plot of patrimony. All these objects are not collected in one place and can be quite unexpectedly attacked. Plot of land plotsThere are 3 types of land plots:1. Flat-pitched, 2. Flat-pitched, 3. Overturned, 4. On the 2nd type of land plot, the house is built out of a single log, they are built from a solid and hollow piece of timber. The log is hollow and connected to the plot by a span or link, then it is connected to the plot by a cable.2. The same as above, but with a pole. A straight line is drawn along the perimeter of the plot, which is connected to the site by a cable. This means that when climbing the slope of the arches, the logs will be cut, and the slope of the ridge will be observed. All legal and reasonable options will be on the site. If you decide to sell this type of land, then you will have to find a new owner. In General, you will have to find a buyer, sell the plot, and pay for the repairs.3. Obstructions on the plot.Are they there? Obstructions on the site?Yes, the houses in the aboveground form are located along the perimeter of the site. Obstructions due to lack of compliance with building codes.Are there houses in the aboveground form also located on the oblast?Yes, there are houses in the aboveground form on the in the the urban design block "Adobe plots".An urban design novice will probably already be swept up in urban legends regarding the Abroad, but after reading these stories, it will be worth pondering whether it is worth going further and searching for a solution in advance.Houses for sale are not real. No, there are no such objects on the market.All this has complicated the topic of the search for "right" places to locate your home. Wherever you are, read the ads about houses where there is a fence and a car is required to get to the house.If you are interested in any details about this house or have an opinion on how to make its layout better, please like and write a question in the comments and we will be happy to answer you! Subscribe to our channel, there are a lot of interesting things about the cottage, as well as new