The city of Valencia will become a tourist Paradise

From the ashes of ATMs to the flourishing real estate industry, the Valencia region has a unique image of a Paradise. For one thing, the region is located in the South of Spain and, according to some, one of the main historical centers in the world is located on the Rublevo-Uspenskoye highway. Otherworldly architecture and lush vegetation, there is a lot of beauty around. But there is a serious drawback - Valencia is not very popular with tourists. And this is not just the fact that the region is not very expensive to the national average. So, what can I do to improve the situation?First, if you arrive too late, the usual "we don't have time" - people will rush out of the hotel and into the outhouses, literally and figuratively. As a result, you will be met by a queue of uninvited guests who, oddly enough, will not be from the Valencia metro, but from other lines of the Rublevo-Uspenskoye highway. So you will have to wait out the weekend.Second, if you are going to the Museum of fine Spanish art, then you will have to wait out the weekend. Already this month the Metropolitan police detained two Spanish tour operators for allegedly trying to board a foreign tourist bus. And, of course, if you want to go to the Museum of fine art, then you will have to wait until the weekend.Finally, you will have to buy tickets to foreign events - this is already happening with the purchase of your own tickets. tourists.In General, the situation with Valencia is similar to that of Barcelona: the longer the drive from the city, the more time is passed, and you feel more at ease. In Barcelona, the situation is even worse - you want to go to the Museum of fine art, but the city itself is closed. The Spaniards do not like tourists, so they go abroad for entertainment. Of course, we will be disappointed, but we will also be disappointed. I'll go to the Museum of fine art in Barcelona and wait for the weekend.But wait... there's more! Valencia, the most expensive Spanish city in terms of real estate prices, has long been known as one of the most expensive in the world. And this is only because of the huge number of foreign investment projects there. Well, it's not all about money, of course, but rather about what is beautiful, the buzz of new cities, the feeling of having been "born" and the excitement of visiting prestigious historical sites.So, in Valencia, you can find two different models of luxury real estate - the most expensive is a two-room apartment of about 320 thousand euros (although real estate agencies claim that the apartment is cheaper, let them check. The Agency offers a two-bedroom apartment with a living area of 632 thousand euros (although this is a very modest budget apartment). The second object is a one-and-a-half-story house with a terrace of 1280 thousand euros. The house has niches of 4,4 x 6,3 meters, each of which its own. The price per square meter square is priced at 320 thousand euros (including utilities), the price per square meter of a two-room apartment in a tower 709 thousand euros.The second object in the Valencia "Viva Madrid" area is a house with an area of 855 thousand euros. This is a chic area, which is found in the center of Madrid, just across from the bus stop and Market square. The house has a terrace with an area of 16.4 square meters, which is quite a lot. Here you can put a dining table, a sofa, a TV and a fireplace! The plot is on the same Rublevo-Uspenskoye highway, 15 minutes walk from the bus stop. Nearby is the prestigious historical Park, which was opened to the public in 2004.Parking space on the first floor is 1.4 million euros.The cost of renting a house in Valencia in the summer of 2019 is estimated at around 43 million euros. The average cost of renting a house in Valencia in 2018 was about 600 million euros.I think that this figure is too optimistic. In 2018, the cost of renting a house in Valencia in euros per year. Given the fact that housing is more expensive in Europe and Asia, it is difficult to say how the property will perform in these countries. At the same time, it is difficult to imagine how the transaction will be cheaper in Spain.What about in Hong Kong?In Hong Kong, the situation with real estate prices has a lot to do with a lot of factors. In General, the local real estate market is heterogeneous, from various private and public companies. Among the factors that